NNY Health was formed by a Professional Nurse with more than 15 years’ experience in both public and government health sector in senior level. The passion in health promotion, prevention of illness and in Occupational Health management brought about the establishment of a reliable, efficient and cost effective service provider. NNY Health is a woman owned entity and this can be validated at www.cipc.co.za

NNY Health provides a one stop shop as a mobile unit, walk-in clinic at Isando, and Onsite clinics with different clients. This includes treating illnesses and injuries, Primary health Care, promoting healthy lifestyle, behavioural changes and sustainability of good care practice amongst employees, medical surveillance planning and execution, preventing future health problems, improving functional abilities and enhancing quality of life.

Our Values

Tailor made solutions

We develop the programme that suites the client’s needs

Expert Solutions

NNY Health staff, management and all the partners has more than 15 years of experience in Occupational Health, Wellness, Safety and Training.

Training offered at NNY Health is accredited as per requirements and offered by the expert in the field.

Employees at NNY Health have all the necessary qualification required and accredited by SAQA.

Efficient Solutions

Certificate of fitness on the same day

NNY Health is functioning in the best possible manner thus time saving

Effective Solutions

We succeed in service delivery

Value for Money

NNY Health exceed expectations